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The End and Beginning

Well the black and white quilt is done and the binding looks good. I really like that little touch of red. This fabric goes from orange to brown in some places, but overall looks red. As I have mentioned it is my favorite "solid".

The only thing I do that is traditional when I quilt is the hand sewn back of my binding.  I know several other quilters who do it this way and several who do the whole binding on the machine. I just love the hand work of sewing on the binding and do this while watching tv. The stitched area is to the right of the needle. Which method do you use?
 With this quilt behind me I've started a new one and here is the middle section completed. The border will be the black and white that is around each Geisha panel. This will be so much fun to quilt I can't wait to get to that point. 

The back will be a "solid" in tan and will have one of my signature wonky blocks in the lower right area. 

I have been trying to spend more time drawing and even got…

Just Another Day In My Play Room

Well I just finished quilting the black and white quilt and I'm ready to add the binding. I'll save that for Sunday afternoon when I plan on a cutting spree to cut out hopefully 2 more quilts. 

love that Moda Basic Gray grunge

This is the class I will be teaching tomorrow.  The basic segmented bracelet. 

We are also going to be learning a bunch of techniques for adding color or patina to your metal jewelry.  From the traditional liver of sulfur and torch to a bit more out of the box with fingernail polish and colored pencils. 

 One project I need to knock out today is rather odd, but you know me.  So here is a hint and I'll fill you in more very soon.  Yes those are big hunks of metal on duck cloth

 Have a happy and creative day

Ian's Quilt Finally Delivered

I had this waiting when he got ready for his nap. 
He does get a bit excited when Aunt Royce comes to visit and it's hard to get him to take a nap. 

Need I say anything... My precious 

It was only scary when I looked

Yesterday we had our guild meeting and worked on our charity projects. We have several on going projects we do. Baby blankets, premie smocks and breast cancer patient pillows that are used during chemo. We had snacks a short meeting and our block of the month. You can view our guild activities and schedules here

One of our members brought some of her neck tie quilts to share. I just loved them and wanted you to see them too. 

This one is my favorite. I loved the way she used the tie labels on the border and trim. 

This log cabin was beautiful. The colors of the ties were just perfect. 

This was a smaller quilt and all the quilting was stitch in the ditch. Very nice. 
Several members working on our projects. 
The pillows we made were minky on one side and flannel on the other.  This was my first experience working with minky and I'm not fond of it at all.  I made the mistake of wearing black pants and I looked like I'd been attacked by some sort of deranged pink cat after finishing one …


Well as you all know the sadness of taking your machine off for service and then being told it will be 3 weeks before you can have her back. So you walk out of the store slightly deflated and are very thankful you have a back up machine. You still have that favorite machine thou and it's away for it's spa treatment, cleaning and a check up so you will miss her. We know each other very well and are the best of friends. For now I will reacquaint myself with her "older sister." 

Today is sewing day at my friend Stefanie's house and "older sister" is the lucky one who does all the road trips so she will get out of the house today and go play in Stefanie's beautiful sewing room. 
I think too since the sewing cabinet is quite empty I may get out the Sashiko and play with her for a bit. I have been wanting to make a wall hanging and this seems the perfect time.

More Fun Stuff

Well I'm working on my favorite part of a quilt - the quilting. I am not as fond of piecing as I am quilting. Quilting is very much like drawing the zen doodles for me and I just love it. I am quilting this quilt with a different version of meandering. I call it flames. I'm sure it has a "proper name" but I've no clue what it is. I was close to quilting this with teal thread but changed my mind. The binding will be red Moda Grunge. 
 The "blocks" on the front of this quilt are a panel.  I couldn't resist it when I saw it. It has all these quilting terms written all over it. 
 The back shows the quilting pattern a bit better. 
I did add this one 12" wonky block on the back using several of the fabrics with the binding red in the center.  

More of the wire work I'm playing around with now. The stone and shell casing are done in an even netting and the antler tip was an experiment in reducing knots and changing the pattern as I went.

The Weighted Quilt

Well I got a few questions about the weighted quilt and I'll try to answer them.
The whole purpose of the quilt is to be heavy but it only has 5 lbs of the plastic pellets in it. The web site I found said you should make the quilt 1/10 of the person's weight who will be using it plus 1 lb. not sure what the 1 pound does but hey I went for it. They show some that were as heavy as 23 lbs - I hope to never need to make one that heavy. 

The pellets are made from plastic and are tiny roundish and smooth. They move around in the quilted sections kind of like rice or millet. They are synthetic so they don't have any smell. Some plastic has a plastic smell but these don't really have any smell to them. My nose isn't the greatest but my hubby said he smelt nothing. 

The pellets don't fill each little quilted section so there is air moving threw the quilt which is all cotton fabric and batting. I don't think it would be much warmer than a regular quilt. I do have to adm…

Ian's Quilt - Finished!

Most of yesterday I worked on this quilt for Ian. It's my version of a weighted blanket. They help you to sleep. I had to do a bit of thinking to get this all figured out. I started off with a typical quilt top.
I pinned the quilt just like normal for the quilting.  The front was simple piecing and the back was long strips.  The first quilting was long head to toe straight line in the ditch.  With one horizontal seam at the very bottom row. 
Then came the plastic pellets. This is how much is in each square section of the quilt. 

 My friend Stefanie came up with the idea of using this tube to add the pellets.  It worked great. 

After I filled each horizontal row I would close them off with a straight seam. 
 You can see how the areas are puffed up with the pellets. 

Then I added some free motion and a little note to Ian.  He can't say his R's just yet so I thought it would  be so cute to put Woyce. 

Then a photo on the back of the family.  Then I was done. I'll have to admit with the quil…