Wednesday, January 23

Was Just Thinking Back

I remember when all I had for a work bench was this little table.

All my tools and wire were in this case. 

 Then hubby took pity on me and built me a bench

Then he said I needed this big honking tool box. 
Which I gladly accepted

My sewing machines use to live on folding tables

Then I got a nice home for them

Life is much easier with the happy place I now have to play in. 
I could literally hang out in here all day now and sometimes do. 
It took years to get everything the way it is now
and it's been a journey I've enjoyed. 
I jumped off the corporate sinking ship in 2006
and swam to the safety of this life. 
It's such a happy place.


cyndee starr said...

Looks like it has evolved into a great wok space. I'm envious of your escape from the corporate work place. I'm working in that direction

B J Elder said...

Having a great workspace makes such a difference. Yours has turned out fabulous! When our environment is a happy one (and a well laid out one) we get so much more done.