Tuesday, January 29

Starting A New Project

Well I got a good bit of work done on the quilt for Ian. 
I made the back from solids and did a quick big strip design 
and got the parts sandwiched and it's ready to quilt. 
The pile on the end of the table is my "to do" stuff. 

The back

The "weight" will come from these poly pellets. I only bought 2 bags 
and will need to pick up another one to give me a total of 6 lbs. 
Which I think should be enough. 

 I got the hammers I ordered on Friday and did make a little time
to play with them this weekend. 

A segmented bracelet that I used a different hammer for each section. 
Each hammer has 2 sides of the head with a different texture on each one. 

My latest doodle


B J Elder said...

What are you doing with the Craft Pellets?
Those new hammers look wonderful, and I see you continue creating great zen doodles. Looks like you are having great fun now that you have a bit more time to spend "playing".

Quilt Rat said...

VERY COOL!!!!! Love the texture those hammers provide, could you make surface design plates/stamps with them? the doodle is fabulous!

Quilt Rat said...

:-) .....hi Royce....if you click on the Tutorials tab on my blog there is a link to see how I do my paper cutting. Thanks for coming by