Tuesday, January 29

Starting A New Project

Well I got a good bit of work done on the quilt for Ian. 
I made the back from solids and did a quick big strip design 
and got the parts sandwiched and it's ready to quilt. 
The pile on the end of the table is my "to do" stuff. 

The back

The "weight" will come from these poly pellets. I only bought 2 bags 
and will need to pick up another one to give me a total of 6 lbs. 
Which I think should be enough. 

 I got the hammers I ordered on Friday and did make a little time
to play with them this weekend. 

A segmented bracelet that I used a different hammer for each section. 
Each hammer has 2 sides of the head with a different texture on each one. 

My latest doodle

Wednesday, January 23

Was Just Thinking Back

I remember when all I had for a work bench was this little table.

All my tools and wire were in this case. 

 Then hubby took pity on me and built me a bench

Then he said I needed this big honking tool box. 
Which I gladly accepted

My sewing machines use to live on folding tables

Then I got a nice home for them

Life is much easier with the happy place I now have to play in. 
I could literally hang out in here all day now and sometimes do. 
It took years to get everything the way it is now
and it's been a journey I've enjoyed. 
I jumped off the corporate sinking ship in 2006
and swam to the safety of this life. 
It's such a happy place.

Sunday, January 20

A Little More Christmas

Our guild meeting for December was cancelled so we had our Christmas party yesterday at our January meeting. It was lots of fun and we ate a wonderful lunch and then did our secrete Santa swap then a dirty Santa. My secrete Santa was Trudy and she made me a beautiful table runner. 

This is it's new home in my living room. 
A perfect place to show off my Jim Shore Angels.

Stefanie got 2 beautiful pillow covers that even 
had zippers on the back - very well done. 

 Trudy's Secrete Santa was Stefanie and she made a table topper
2 nice big pot holders and tea towels with ruffles

I didn't take photos of the other gifts, oops.

After all that fun we had a little sit and sew. 
I was just starting a new project so I did some cutting. 
Another quilt for my sweet Ian. 

Have the top almost finished today, just need to add
the borders, then come up with a back. 

Saturday, January 12

70 in January!

Well after days of rain and being cooped up indoors (my day job office has no windows) sitting at a computer I sure needed a day out doors. My sister called and said little Ian wanted to go to the zoo and the weather yesterday was perfect. So off we go. 

Any excuse to see my favorite animal there. 

We walked around and looked at a good bit of the zoo then had lunch then hit the play ground. That is where Aunt Woyce really gets a workout. Running climbing and lifting Ian. Keeping up with him in their great play area is a challenge. After we left there I just couldn't bring myself to go home so I stopped at our local bead shop - Red Dog Beads and did a little shopping. Followed by a quick stop at the Post Office then the local ice cream shop = yummy coffee toffee makes me smile. 

So today it is raining again and I'll stay in and work on the new book about Seymour Bluffs. Just getting started on the illustrations so I have a good bit to do. The sewing machine and tool bench call to me but for today they must be ignored. That is the hard part about working at home you must stay focused. 

I've picked out all the fabric for the next quilt, which is for Ian. I'm going to make an I Spy quilt for him. I have a good collection of kid fabric which will be perfect for this. Hopefully tomorrow I will get it all cut out. That was by the way on the to do list last weekend but you know how that goes. So now back to the drawing tablet. 

Oh and 2 new bracelets I've made recently. 

Friday, January 4

Today's To Do List

The first thing I did this morning was try to get my workroom straighten up a bit. You know how things can get. I finally hung up my rulers and got them off the sewing cabinet and stacked all the fabric that some how collects there too. I have several projects I need to work on today and got those organized and ready to start on. 

I had a request for the I Love East Nashville art I did a while back and have all the elements printed and a frame ready to put it all together. 

Our guild is having a block of the month this year and each month one of our members will be teaching a block. The fabric is from the Flirt collection by Sandy Gervais. This program will be held in conjunction with Sew Red for Women, which is sponsored by Burgundy Buttons. The block I'll be doing in March will be my favorite Improve type design. These are the 3 fabrics I've chosen from the collection. 

I've started the planning/picking out fabric for my next quilt for myself. 
Hey look it's Moda grunge! What a surprise. I still need to find more of the gray. 

This morning I was looking at a tin my mother in law sent me and wondered how hard it would be to cut the tin apart to use the metal in jewelry. 
I started working on it with my metal shears and was getting no where fast. Plus I was setting myself up for a lot of sharp metal edges to cut around. Then hubby suggested I use my Dremel tool with a saw blade. 
Hum I've not tried cutting metal with that before. 
Oh my what a rush that was. Sparks flew everywhere.
It was quite exciting and I've learned now how to do this. 
I'm a good bit thou from cutting a straight line as you can see. 
But this cookie tin will become a cuff bracelet
and possibly matching earrings.
More on that later. 

So today I have fabric to cut and a few other things to get done. 
Like making brownies - yum. 

I just noticed from this photo that I either need to stop buying 
pliers or get another bar to put them on...better pick up another bar.

Jewelry tools, wire, beads, fabric, batting - good thing I work at JoAnn's.