Sunday, December 2

The show yesterday was fun and turned out very well. 
I'd made some new display items and really liked 
the way they worked out. 

Picked up this old suitcase at a yard sale and
it made the perfect riser for a necklace display. 

This was an old yard sculpture that was 
covered with first metal mesh and then
plastic screen door mesh. 

Then the old 1950's travel case got an
update and also worked out to show off
quite a few items. 

Finished quilting this wall hanging today. 
Don't tell, it's a Christmas present. 
Will do the rest of the binding tonight
while watching TV. 

Had just enough scraps left over for a little
mug rug to go with it. 

A friend of mine turned me onto Downton Abby and hubby and
I fell in love with this series. So the 3rd season will start 
next month so I ordered the first 2 seasons and this 
book which tells of the "real" Downton which was
very interesting. There was even someone there named Bates!
Can't wait for the new season to start. I've already ordered
it on Amazon and can't wait till it gets here. 
But I have to wait till the end of Jan. drats


B J Elder said...

Love your new additions for your display. Really great. Glad it was a good day.
Oh yeah, Downton Abbey -- sooooo good. I have the first two seasons DVD's, will HAVE to get the next too!

fabriquefantastique said...

I'm impressed with your creative display props.....

Jenny said...

Found your blog and must pipe up to say my beautiful wallhanging is up, and I'm loving my mug rug. It's big enough for not just my mug, but also the important things that need a special place so they don't disappear until I need them next. Would that I could ensure the coffee never spills onto the important things . . . . Thank you again!