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Days Off = Play Time

Well it's Christmas eve and we're enjoying some time off for both of us. It's been wonderful to stay at home and enjoy this time together and to just relax. I've finished a knitted scarf, started several samples for classes and been practicing some new free motion designs. 
My friend Stefanie gave me a great new book on free motion and I've been playing around with some of the designs. 

Another free motion aid I've picked up are these pens. Several people I know love these and I've heard several that don't. The only bad thing I've heard is that extreme cold will make the mark show again. I figure thou if it's freezing where my quilt is I've got worse problems than the marks showing...buuurrrrr. A quick touch from the iron makes the marks disappear. So far I'm a fan. 

 I've also taken a bit of time to work on several metal projects. I normally don't work on several at a time but rules are to be broken. So 2 works in progress. 
 This s…

Another UFO Knocked off the List

Well my neat little pile of UFOs is getting smaller. This table topper was started at a class for using stencils and just got completed today. I put a black binding on it and it looks pretty good. So now I only have 2 UFOs left. I'm so happy.  I have a wonderful stack of new fat quarters I can't wait to break into but  wanted to hold off till these were completed. 
As you all know this is the light of my life our little Ian.  He went to see Santa on Friday and did sit on his lap this year.  May all his wishes come true this Christmas. 

And just look how big he's gotten since last year. 

The show yesterday was fun and turned out very well.  I'd made some new display items and really liked  the way they worked out. 
Picked up this old suitcase at a yard sale and it made the perfect riser for a necklace display. 
This was an old yard sculpture that was  covered with first metal mesh and then plastic screen door mesh. 
Then the old 1950's travel case got an update and also worked out to show off quite a few items. 
Finished quilting this wall hanging today.  Don't tell, it's a Christmas present.  Will do the rest of the binding tonight while watching TV. 
Had just enough scraps left over for a little mug rug to go with it. 
A friend of mine turned me onto Downton Abby and hubby and I fell in love with this series. So the 3rd season will start  next month so I ordered the first 2 seasons and this  book which tells of the "real" Downton which was very interesting. There was even someone there named Bates! Can't wait for the new season to start. I've already ord…