Sunday, November 4

Finding My Way Home

I do have a lot of interests. I love to draw, make jewelry, quilt, and do mixed media. There for a while prior to starting working again I seemed to have time for it all, but not so much anymore. For the last month I've been helping out a friend and ended up working 5-6 days a week. This left me little to no time to play. Even my beloved weekends were eaten up with work / housework. So my creative outlet has been locked away and it's made me sad. Some how during this time (since Jan) I've seemed to only make time for jewelry and I do miss sewing so much. So I've decided after a good bit of thinking to change my goals in jewelry making and concentrate on art jewelry and discontinue making the style of jewelry I now create. This took a lot of thinking about to come to this conclusion. 
So I've marked down everything in my Etsy shop
and will be clearing out all my current designs. 

This will leave me time to get back to quilting. I'd also stopped drawing pretty much which is just a sin to me and that must be taken back also. For 2013 I will only do 1 art show with my jewelry. This will leave me time to get pieces done in a relaxed fashion and to create the type of pieces I am interested in making. So with that in mind I've cleared out some sewing time to get back on path with my quilting and I've started working on a new book which leads me happily down the art path once more.

Yesterday I took a class at The Quilting Squares with my friend Stefanie to hopefully improve my traditional quilting skills. Since I am pretty much self taught I never learned those nasty little things that can make or break a quilting project. Measuring just so/how to cut fabric just perfect/squaring up blocks and the other little things that can make that 12" block not come out 12". So now I'm planning on taking quilt classes and getting the basics down. I'll still go off half cocked and make art quilts but need these basic skills to create the traditional work I'd love to do. I want a bed quilt done in the tricky civil war blocks. Those little bad boys can have 20 sections in a 6" block and I want to be that tight with my skills to achieve this. I know it will take time/practice but I want it and must invest time. Later this month I'll take a trapunto class, another traditional technique I've always wanted to learn. 

I'm going to give my jewelry making several good session a month and learn new techniques with soldering and forming metal. This will take me in the new direction I wish to go. 

And to get back on the path I have a new children's book to work on which gets me drawing right away. 

 My new motto

Yesterday's class project

 Just had to get this at Quilting Squares yesterday. So cute. 

Also picked up this panel and can't 
wait to figure out a use for this. 

My friend Stefanie went to Quilt Market last week and
picked up this great bundle for me. Don't you just love
the camera fabric. Yes Angel I'll make you something 
out of this. 

So now to go work on the children's book.

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stefanie said...

I'm so happy you are getting back to sewing. Hopefully we can resume our sewing days soon.