Sunday, October 28

Time to Dig In For Winter and Quilt

Well it's officially fall here in Nashville. The wind is whipping and the breeze is cold. I'm urging my little dog to hurry when we are outside. But this cold weather makes me want to dig into my fabrics and plan new projects. I've been working a bit more this last month but the good old days of just working 3 days a week will be back with me soon. So I decided to start planning a few quilting projects. 
First the pattern - what pattern you Royce using a pattern. Well you know how I normally feel about patterns. They just confuse me for some reason. Garment patterns are the worst, but I've had issues with quilt patterns too. NO MORE! I'm glad to say I've found a quilt designer who writes the best patterns. Even I can understand them right off. So hopefully this will cure my pattern disorder. Stefanie has several beautiful patterns in her Etsy shop so drop by and check them out. And to think I knew her before she started quilting. Way to go Stefanie!

With working I've not had much time for playing. I did however get a new
hat band made for my top hat. I've gotten new stuff to make another. This hat
could end up with quilt a wardrobe. 

Here are a few of the newest jewelry designs I've come up with. 

My friend Paula gave me some old flatware and I've been adding it into 
my jewelry. This butter knife in the bottom photo made a really cool element. 

Isn't it crazy there are only
57 days left before Christmas. 
Man do I have a lot of stuff to do!


B J Elder said...

Sounds like Stephanie has come up with some great patterns! I like the looks of the Irish Charm that you posted.
Your hat and jewelry are great and so you! Love them all.
I've been doing a variety of projects in my quilting room the last several days -- feels so good!

MissMary said...

Bib necklace with the gears is quite stunning - something really endearing about the wind-up key to add an element of childlikeness to an already-fabulous piece. Well done!