Thursday, October 11

Sometimes I wonder

I have a bad habit, I plan and make lists. The more behind I get the more lists I make. I think it will help me to get things going in a smooth motion and get them done quickly. Sometimes that works and well sometimes it's just not going to happen. I opened my big mouth and said I'd fill in at a position at a 2nd JoAnn store where an employee had left and now I'm working at 2 stores filling up 6 days out of the week. What was I thinking? A little extra Christmas money? Helping out a friend? Well I'm not sure but I've realized that all my well laid plans for making Christmas presents will have to be culled down and other options will have to be found. I know many of you work all week and are rolling your eyes at me but I've just become spoiled with working only 3-4 days a week. Those precious days off were so treasured. So how do I reclaim my crafting time? I've made several decisions. I won't make my Christmas cards this year and bought a box. Gad did I say that? Well no shame in it I'm going to tell myself. Also the baking I normally do is not going to happen. I figure we all have enough sweet stuff. Between Halloween and Christmas seems like there is candy/cakes and cookies everywhere you look. Well that's another list item gone - poof! The important thing for my spare time is to sew. So the house may be a little messy and the grocery list may have a lot of quick cook items on it.  We'll live. I know dust won't kill us and lack of sewing just might. So with no guilt I say sew away. 


B J Elder said...

Good for you! The world won't end because you didn't make your cards or cook meals from scratch. I'm glad you are figuring out ways to adapt so you can still sew and create - although perhaps not as much as you'd like. Flexibility is a good thing -- just wish my body still knew that! LOL

Quilt Rat said...

We all fall into that trap of doing all of the things we think we HAVE to do before we allow ourselves the time to do what brings us most joy.......BALANCE is what we need :-)

Thanks for visiting Royce....and for your fabulous comment...good luck in the draw