Wednesday, October 3

Good Weather, Good Sewing, Good Times

Last weekends craft show was fun and the weather held out
and we had a beautiful day. Becky and I had a fun day. 

The vendor across the way from me sold hats...oh dear. 
Well I'd started talking about him before we even got there and
just knew if I made enough money I would have a new hat. 
The top hat I've wanted for many years. Today it was decorated
with a simple scarf but the components for a steam punk hat band
have been ordered so very soon I will enjoy creating a cool new hat band.

Last week I spent the afternoon at Stefanie's and I cut out fabric
the whole time I was there (when I wasn't distracted by Downton Abby that is.) 
So now I'm in full production of some more great square in a square
table runners. Love that technique. 

Candle mats ready for free motion quilting. 

I'm so behind in my Christmas sewing/quilting so I must put the
machine in 4th gear and floor it. 

This weekend we will have a big party to
celebrate the adoption of Ian. 
The most wonderful gift
our family has ever had. 

Ian and his mom (my sister)


B J Elder said...

So glad the weather was great for the craft show. Your display looks great. Can't wait to see your new hat all decked out!
What a wonderful picture of Ian and his mom. I know the celebration this weekend will be unforgettable. I am so happy for everyone - it has been a long and difficult journey, but the ending is as it should be and the love you all have for each other is beyond measure.

Karla Hartzog said...

Congratulations on all accounts! 'Love the hat!