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Time to Dig In For Winter and Quilt

Well it's officially fall here in Nashville. The wind is whipping and the breeze is cold. I'm urging my little dog to hurry when we are outside. But this cold weather makes me want to dig into my fabrics and plan new projects. I've been working a bit more this last month but the good old days of just working 3 days a week will be back with me soon. So I decided to start planning a few quilting projects. 
First the pattern - what pattern you Royce using a pattern. Well you know how I normally feel about patterns. They just confuse me for some reason. Garment patterns are the worst, but I've had issues with quilt patterns too. NO MORE! I'm glad to say I've found a quilt designer who writes the best patterns. Even I can understand them right off. So hopefully this will cure my pattern disorder. Stefanie has several beautiful patterns in her Etsy shop so drop by and check them out. And to think I knew her before she started quilting. Way to go Stefanie!

With working …

A Little of this and that

Well this weekend I had a wonderful 2 days in a row at home. A unique thing for me hear lately. So on Saturday I cleaned all day - while working 6 days a week for several weeks things got a bit dusty. So on Sunday I decided that I would play a bit in the morning. I had several small quilt projects pinned and ready to free motion so those got knocked out first. 
The small squares are candle mats which will be given as gifts at Thanksgiving. They will have cream color pillar candles and some Christmas greenery. The larger one will have several candles and a spray of mixed Christmas florals.
A few weeks ago I decided to finally add the embellishment to the men's vest I picked up at Goodwill. I wanted this to wear to shows. I wanted it to show my mixture of fiber and metal. I was getting ready for a class I was teaching on  mixing zippers/metal and fibers with your jewelry making. 
Here is a little pile of goodies I used for the class project. 
These are several of the items I took to class to…

Sometimes I wonder

I have a bad habit, I plan and make lists. The more behind I get the more lists I make. I think it will help me to get things going in a smooth motion and get them done quickly. Sometimes that works and well sometimes it's just not going to happen. I opened my big mouth and said I'd fill in at a position at a 2nd JoAnn store where an employee had left and now I'm working at 2 stores filling up 6 days out of the week. What was I thinking? A little extra Christmas money? Helping out a friend? Well I'm not sure but I've realized that all my well laid plans for making Christmas presents will have to be culled down and other options will have to be found. I know many of you work all week and are rolling your eyes at me but I've just become spoiled with working only 3-4 days a week. Those precious days off were so treasured. So how do I reclaim my crafting time? I've made several decisions. I won't make my Christmas cards this year and bought a box. Gad did I…

Good Weather, Good Sewing, Good Times

Last weekends craft show was fun and the weather held out and we had a beautiful day. Becky and I had a fun day. 
The vendor across the way from me sold hats...oh dear.  Well I'd started talking about him before we even got there and just knew if I made enough money I would have a new hat.  The top hat I've wanted for many years. Today it was decorated with a simple scarf but the components for a steam punk hat band have been ordered so very soon I will enjoy creating a cool new hat band.

Last week I spent the afternoon at Stefanie's and I cut out fabric the whole time I was there (when I wasn't distracted by Downton Abby that is.)  So now I'm in full production of some more great square in a square table runners. Love that technique. 

Candle mats ready for free motion quilting. 
I'm so behind in my Christmas sewing/quilting so I must put the machine in 4th gear and floor it. 
This weekend we will have a big party to celebrate the adoption of Ian.  The most wonderful gift our fa…