Friday, September 7

Playing With Buttons

I've had a fascination with buttons since childhood. My mom would always let me pick out the buttons for my outfits she would make and I would stand in front of all those buttons and look and look till just the right one caught my eye. I still love buttons. I like so many have the button jar of any old buttons I see or save from old garments. They are comforting in a way just to look at. A good while back I saw an episode on how it's made on buttons, then I understood why some cost so much. 

So a few days ago I sat down and
played with some of my buttons. 

This gave me a few other ideas that I'd like to try. 
Class on the button bracelet listed on the classes tab. 


B J Elder said...

I've been seeing a lot of button jewelry lately. There are some really classy items being made -- and of course you are right up there with them, of which I had no doubt you would be.

Gene Black said...

My Mom had a button jar. She would let us play with them but we had to put them back. Funny, she didn't sew and can't even really sew on a button to this day. I wonder why she saved them?