Sunday, August 12

As I was sitting in the dinning room having my morning coffee I looked over at my mix matched pillows on the couch in the living room and though why haven't I made those new pillows yet? So I went up and got the forms and cut the fabric and have 3 finished with just 2 more to go. Accent pillows are so quick and easy but for some reason I put off little projects like this. I guess they aren't as much fun. 

Was looking threw an old copy of Belle Armoire Jewelry and this page
made me think of all the old broken vintage jewelry I have squirreled away. 
So this afternoon I plan on seeing what I can come up with. 

I have been pretty busy getting ready for a show
on Sept 1 at Fontanel and have been 
cranking out a few new pieces of jewelry. 
 Pen nibs from the Tim Holtz collection
with hammered copper washers. 

Textured copper with metal beads

My first try at cuff links. Do women wear cuff links?
I have a desire to try making some that are "frilly".

My typical style of mixed media/mixed metal. 
This is the handle of an old spoon. With fiber and a
metal bird. 

And I saw where Hunger Games is coming out on DVD
so I just couldn't resist making anther steam punk bib. 

Well I need to get all the new jewelry posted on Etsy. 
Wish I had a clone to do that for me. 


B J Elder said...

I love seeing the designs you come up with. Yes, you are very Creative!

Cynthia Eloise said...

all great pieces. i love how you incorporate old found pieces into your jewelry.