Sunday, July 22

Square In A Square

Well all I have to say about our guest speaker at the guild meeting yesterday is WOW! I think Kay from the Quilting Squares Quilt Shop might have just changed my whole outlook on piecing. I've always longed to make the "complicated" civil war type quilts but was just in fear of the precision needed to make some of the more complicated blocks. Today thou a new sun has risen on my outlook of these stars and points that gave me pause only yesterday. 
Yesterday Kay gave a wonderful class on the square in a square system by Jodi Barrows. I have to admit I didn't really know what this class was about and thought I'd be learning how to set a square on point. Not that it wouldn't have been some good info but about 10 minutes into the class my mind was reeling with the possibilities of this technique. 
So here are the things we learned yesterday which Kay refereed to as the tip of the iceberg with this system. 
I got the beginner book and

this ruler

This simple little block is option 1.
Quite frankly without this ruler I'd be hard put to 
crank out this little block with such accuracy in almost 
no time at all. 

Option 2 took but a few min more - I was starting
to get really excited by this point. 

Then it got really fun. Using the option 1 block
and the Square in a Square ruler we quickly 
make these.

Then the goose was tackled with ease. It even does
the Canadian geese which I'd never heard of till yesterday. 

For someone who fears points, stars and cutting hundreds of tiny pieces I was beginning to think the Civil War quilt I longed for on my bed might be a lost cause. Now thou I think I can do it. I can use my Studio cutter for all my fabric cutting and from there is a speedy ride down hill. Oh Joy!
Thanks Kay for giving me a wonderful new outlook.


B J Elder said...

Looking Good! Doesn't it make it exciting when you can do these things without pulling your hair out? Sounds like it was a wonderful demo!

Barb said...

I might have to check into this square in a square...sounds like it was a very informative and encouraging class.

Gene Black said... looks like you are doing a great job Royce.

Beezus said...

It really was a great class, wasn't it? One of my favorites so far! :)