Thursday, July 26

Ready To Pack Up And Mail

Well I've finally finished the baby quilt I made for my high school friend Janice who is expecting her first grandchild very soon. It took me so long to finish this simple little quilt I was afraid the baby would be here before I got the quilt to the new mom. Finished up the binding last night and will be packing it up and get in the mail tomorrow. Don't you just love that little monkey fabric?

 I also spent some time playing with the square in a square options I started in class last Saturday and though I'd just make a table runner from the class samples. Still really loving this technique.

And for a little sweetness

Aunt Woyce just thanks God every day for
this special blessing


Barb said...

Oh...that sweetness is better than sugar.

Love your projects!

B J Elder said...

And I bet Ian loves loves loves his Aunt Woyce too.

Gene Black said...

Oh yes that is sweet! What a heartmelting smile!