Monday, July 9

An Organized Holiday

Wednesday's cookout and visiting with family was a lot of fun thou being outside was short lived due to the heat. We hung out inside the bulk of the time and just enjoyed talking and eating just a bit too much. 
That weekend I had several days off in a row and decided I'd organize my hobby supplies. How things get in such a mess so quickly is beyond me but it seems to happen over and over. My hubby bought me a new tool box - not a girly tool box either. This is a big honking guys tool box. This really cleared up the jewelry clutter off my work bench. 

The heavy metal drawers hold all my tools with no problem. 

Now that the bulk of the tools are now in the box
there is room on the bench for pretty stuff. I'm bringing
down my toy sewing machines and I finally framed my 
collection of art I purchased on Etsy. Got the wood frames
for under $1.50 ea and hubby hung them all up. 

The top and back of the baby quilt are done and 
hopefully it will be sandwiched by Wednesday and
ready to start on my favorite part - quilting. 

I keep all this left over binding
(no I never figure out exactly how much I need) 
and I think I'll finally use some of it for this quilt. 
The brown check and the grunge brown just beside it. 

This plastic storage unit is under my bench and was full of 
jewelry stuff but is now the home for some of my 
sewing/quilting goodies. Hopefully I'll get the drawers
labeled soon. 

We'll see how long it stays organized this time. 

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B J Elder said...

Now that's a tool box! Love it! Just use some of your artistic talent and you can "glamp" it up and really have a one of a kind. What fun.
Love the fabrics in the quilt.