Thursday, July 26

Ready To Pack Up And Mail

Well I've finally finished the baby quilt I made for my high school friend Janice who is expecting her first grandchild very soon. It took me so long to finish this simple little quilt I was afraid the baby would be here before I got the quilt to the new mom. Finished up the binding last night and will be packing it up and get in the mail tomorrow. Don't you just love that little monkey fabric?

 I also spent some time playing with the square in a square options I started in class last Saturday and though I'd just make a table runner from the class samples. Still really loving this technique.

And for a little sweetness

Aunt Woyce just thanks God every day for
this special blessing

Sunday, July 22

Square In A Square

Well all I have to say about our guest speaker at the guild meeting yesterday is WOW! I think Kay from the Quilting Squares Quilt Shop might have just changed my whole outlook on piecing. I've always longed to make the "complicated" civil war type quilts but was just in fear of the precision needed to make some of the more complicated blocks. Today thou a new sun has risen on my outlook of these stars and points that gave me pause only yesterday. 
Yesterday Kay gave a wonderful class on the square in a square system by Jodi Barrows. I have to admit I didn't really know what this class was about and thought I'd be learning how to set a square on point. Not that it wouldn't have been some good info but about 10 minutes into the class my mind was reeling with the possibilities of this technique. 
So here are the things we learned yesterday which Kay refereed to as the tip of the iceberg with this system. 
I got the beginner book and

this ruler

This simple little block is option 1.
Quite frankly without this ruler I'd be hard put to 
crank out this little block with such accuracy in almost 
no time at all. 

Option 2 took but a few min more - I was starting
to get really excited by this point. 

Then it got really fun. Using the option 1 block
and the Square in a Square ruler we quickly 
make these.

Then the goose was tackled with ease. It even does
the Canadian geese which I'd never heard of till yesterday. 

For someone who fears points, stars and cutting hundreds of tiny pieces I was beginning to think the Civil War quilt I longed for on my bed might be a lost cause. Now thou I think I can do it. I can use my Studio cutter for all my fabric cutting and from there is a speedy ride down hill. Oh Joy!
Thanks Kay for giving me a wonderful new outlook.

Friday, July 20

Miracles Do Happen

It's been a long journey for my sister and her loving husband trying to adopt the sweetest little boy I've even known and this last Tuesday that journey came to an end. The judge said he is ours forever now. I broke into tears in the court room and was a bit teary for a little bit. I was over come with relief and joy. So I'll warn you now that I can put photos of our sweet little Ian on my blog and facebook you will be seeing him a lot. "AuntWoyce" is so proud. 
We thank God for this and our family is happy 
beyond words. 

Our last visit to the zoo

Today I've finally put the baby quilt on the machine
and hope to get the quilting done by Sunday. 

A lot of jewelry is using resin these days and I'd put off getting
any due to the cost. It costs about $25 to get started and not being
sure if I would like it I hesitated. 
Then I saw this Mod Podge product at JoAnn and for $5 thought
it worth a try. Well it works just great. 
Below you can see 3 test samples I did to see how it worked. 
The paper I've put behind the mica chips and crystals is still true in
color and the finish has a nice shine and is quite firm in 24 hours. 
I did break down and get a 2 part resin, but for many applications the
$5 product will work just fine. 

Tomorrow is quilt guild and we're having a square in a square class.
I need to get my fabric cut and all my stuff ready. It will be a fun day. 

Monday, July 9

An Organized Holiday

Wednesday's cookout and visiting with family was a lot of fun thou being outside was short lived due to the heat. We hung out inside the bulk of the time and just enjoyed talking and eating just a bit too much. 
That weekend I had several days off in a row and decided I'd organize my hobby supplies. How things get in such a mess so quickly is beyond me but it seems to happen over and over. My hubby bought me a new tool box - not a girly tool box either. This is a big honking guys tool box. This really cleared up the jewelry clutter off my work bench. 

The heavy metal drawers hold all my tools with no problem. 

Now that the bulk of the tools are now in the box
there is room on the bench for pretty stuff. I'm bringing
down my toy sewing machines and I finally framed my 
collection of art I purchased on Etsy. Got the wood frames
for under $1.50 ea and hubby hung them all up. 

The top and back of the baby quilt are done and 
hopefully it will be sandwiched by Wednesday and
ready to start on my favorite part - quilting. 

I keep all this left over binding
(no I never figure out exactly how much I need) 
and I think I'll finally use some of it for this quilt. 
The brown check and the grunge brown just beside it. 

This plastic storage unit is under my bench and was full of 
jewelry stuff but is now the home for some of my 
sewing/quilting goodies. Hopefully I'll get the drawers
labeled soon. 

We'll see how long it stays organized this time.