Tuesday, June 12

Sometimes I can't stop myself

Well as I've said several times I just love the old Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern. So today when I could get my hands on these for $5...well you know what happened. I did have to promise thou to not cut these up or the quilt police would come for me. So since I couldn't pass these up I'm thinking they will become pillows. 

I am making a baby quilt for one of my good friends first grand-baby. I wanted to use this patten that I had done once before - it was my first quilt with a pattern. I made the first one pretty much just like the photo below but this time I'm not using the bright color solids and will be doing a little something different with the layout. 

These are the fabrics I'm going to use. They are by
Ann Kelle - drop by and look at her other oh so sweet creations

 This is a tiny experiment I tried on Sunday. Two tiny little books with paper pages and copper embossed covers. They will become part of a necklace called Family Memories. 

Also on Sunday a group of us jewelry nuts went to the bead show and here is the loot I got. Can't wait to play with this stuff. All kinds of interesting stuff. It's as bad as the quilt show thou cause there are thousands of things you want and only so much money. I only shopped at 3 different booths, but we looked at them all. Afterwards we all got together for BBQ at Jacks. If you are ever in Nashville you must go there - it's great. 

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Barb said...

What a steal .....lucky you!!

Love the quilt.