Monday, June 25

I have a lot going on today. I need to get a little table topper sandwiched up for a free-motion class tomorrow. We'll be learning how to make stencils fit into your spaces. Something I am quite clueless about. I am also looking forward to getting to sew again. Making this little topper (fabrics below) will be quick and fun and hopefully then I'll get right back to the baby quilt that I started on Sunday. 

I did want to get a pair of earrings done before starting on my sewing so I can clear off the bench for it's fabric mood. I made this necklace and earrings yesterday and just had half an earring left to finish. 

Also this morning I put the finishing touches on the cross for Angel.
I love doing the color part. 

Well I need to get the bench cleared off and cut some fabric. 


B J Elder said...

The heart is looking great. Have fun with the FMQ. Always great to learn new techniques.

Cynthia Eloise said...

you are a busy girl. wouldn't it be nice to have a work space for each craft instead of always having to clear one space to start a different project. in our dreams.