Saturday, June 23

Getting Back In The Swing

Well it seems that the last few weeks have been so non productive (on the creative front) but hopefully things will get back to normal. I'm so behind in my sewing. I spoke with a friend yesterday and she said she hadn't done any sewing in a month - so unlike her. So I guess it happens to us all from time to time. I do have one baby quilt cut out and ready to start the top so hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get that top finished or near done. It's such a quick little pattern. 

I have been doing a little zen doodling here lately. 
This first one was done when I found out
Auggie had diabetes.

I've wanted to do a cross for a while now and this one 
is for my sister - working on the color now

Last weekend I took a lot of photos of my newer jewelry items and I'm trying to get those all into my Etsy shop. I seem to always be behind with that. 


Gene Black said...

/The jewelry is cool, but your Zen Doodles are amazing.

B J Elder said...

You are so talented with so many wonderful gifts. The zentangles are fabulous - especially love the cross. And of course your jewelry is always so amazing.
Hope life is settling down for you.