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I have a lot going on today. I need to get a little table topper sandwiched up for a free-motion class tomorrow. We'll be learning how to make stencils fit into your spaces. Something I am quite clueless about. I am also looking forward to getting to sew again. Making this little topper (fabrics below) will be quick and fun and hopefully then I'll get right back to the baby quilt that I started on Sunday. 

I did want to get a pair of earrings done before starting on my sewing so I can clear off the bench for it's fabric mood. I made this necklace and earrings yesterday and just had half an earring left to finish. 

Also this morning I put the finishing touches on the cross for Angel. I love doing the color part. 

Well I need to get the bench cleared off and cut some fabric. 

Getting Back In The Swing

Well it seems that the last few weeks have been so non productive (on the creative front) but hopefully things will get back to normal. I'm so behind in my sewing. I spoke with a friend yesterday and she said she hadn't done any sewing in a month - so unlike her. So I guess it happens to us all from time to time. I do have one baby quilt cut out and ready to start the top so hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get that top finished or near done. It's such a quick little pattern. 

I have been doing a little zen doodling here lately.  This first one was done when I found out Auggie had diabetes.
I've wanted to do a cross for a while now and this one  is for my sister - working on the color now

Last weekend I took a lot of photos of my newer jewelry items and I'm trying to get those all into my Etsy shop. I seem to always be behind with that. 

Sometimes I can't stop myself

Well as I've said several times I just love the old Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern. So today when I could get my hands on these for $5...well you know what happened. I did have to promise thou to not cut these up or the quilt police would come for me. So since I couldn't pass these up I'm thinking they will become pillows. 
I am making a baby quilt for one of my good friends first grand-baby. I wanted to use this patten that I had done once before - it was my first quilt with a pattern. I made the first one pretty much just like the photo below but this time I'm not using the bright color solids and will be doing a little something different with the layout. 

These are the fabrics I'm going to use. They are by Ann Kelle - drop by and look at her other oh so sweet creations
 This is a tiny experiment I tried on Sunday. Two tiny little books with paper pages and copper embossed covers. They will become part of a necklace called Family Memories. 

Also on Sunday a …

A Sad Farewell

This morning I had to let my good friend go. He will be missed. He was a wonderful little buddy and gave us 11 years of happiness.