Thursday, May 24

Not Enough Time to Play

Well this has been a week full of work - say that like Maynard - Wooorrrrkkkk - well yuck. No play time to speak of. So with the sewing machine siting alone and the workbench cluttered but nothing being produced I have a lull in my creativity. That's not to say I don't think about it thou. So some sketches have been done and some planning but no time to play. Remember what they say about all work and no play? Well it's true. I did get some experimenting done on Sunday thou with a new product for adding a patina to metal.
These are a Ranger product made just for the Vintaj metals. 
I have to say they are wonderful and work great!
Super fast drying and don't need a top coat or sealant. 
The glaze can be added to metals that you don't want to age 
or change color. I've got a test ring in copper that I've sealed
the inside and will wear it every day to see if it continues to 
not turn my finger green as copper will. So far so good. 

This is a Vintaj piece (not finished yet) that I coated with 2 of the greens to 
add a patina and then sanded off the high spots (120 grit). 
I then went back in and added some yellow alcohol ink to the high spots. 
These alcohol inks do need to be sealed. They are not water proof. 

Look how great this little scarab turned out. Looks like
he's been aged naturally. Not new out of the package. 

I've done a good bit of testing with the colors and they hold up
to getting wet, rubbing on textured surface, and just general
abuse that happens to your jewelry in day to day wear. 
I will be getting more colors very soon. 

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