Thursday, May 31

A Fun Swap

I've joined a fun swap on Quilt With Us. It's a fall swap so I have a little bit of time. I love fall so this is perfect for me. We are creating a 12" x 12" art quilt using a 5" section of fabric from our swap partner. Mine came last week and it's beautiful. The quilt needs to portray fall, but also needs a poem or some such to go along with it. That is all figured out. My sketch is done and now all I have to do is create the pattern. I'll do that on the computer of course. The the fun begins with fabric selections - including my beautiful fabric from my swap partner. I just can't wait to start on this. That's great cause my quilting has all but come to a stand still over the last few months. Short of taking some free motion classes my machine is very lonely. I am ashamed to say I've still not cut out the baby quilt that I'd hoped the top would be half done by now. Work outside the home has picked up which is good and bad. You want the money but then you have no time. 
I did have the day off yesterday thou and went to the zoo again. I've just fallen in love with it. We took in the Dino Treck yesterday which was so cool. They have these life size automated dinos. 

This scene had mixed reviews from some of the kids. 
There were a few ohhh cool and some kids just
stood close by mom wide eyed. 

This one was quite huge. I might have come to his knee. 
He would turn his head and roar as you walked by. 

And I can't go to the zoo with out stopping by and 
seeing my favorite animal there. 

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Linda B said...

Hi Royce, I'm reading my blogs again. It's good to be back!!