Thursday, May 3

Converting Traditional to Modern

I have after a lot of thinking decided to do what some will think is an evil thing. I am going to cut these old Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks and create a modern quilt. When I first purchased these beautiful blocks at an estate sale I had plans of assembling them in the traditional method - by hand. It would be beautiful of course, but it just wouldn't be me. So after a lot of thinking they will be trimmed into squares and pieced into a quilt. I've not drawn up the pattern yet but would like 2 different size blocks. 

 Yesterday I wanted to play around with some metal and created this bracelet. The small sections of aluminum were cut into odd shapes and only hammered on the edges. It gave them a somewhat arrowhead look which I liked. The center section has a cupped section of embossed copper holding a beautiful natural stone bead. The patina and texture of each section of the bracelet is different. I also used 3 different methods of cold connections for adding the embellishments. I will be teaching this in a class on June 30th. 

Have a creative day!

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Cynthia Eloise said...

i can't wait to see what you do with the quilt squares. they are such an old traditional pattern.