Friday, April 20

What A Wonderful Day

Well I was off work today and won't go back till Tuesday. So with this little mini vaca I wanted to get a few things done around the house. After sleeping late and having a quite morning I took off to Home Depot and got some flowers and herbs and 2 huge bags of potting soil. I'm not much of a yard person and don't normally do much but I do like to have a little flower pot garden. So here is the beginning of it. 
Banana Peppers



Little color for the front porch

After I was done I sat on the porch 
with my constant companions

I came in and was determined
I'd get my work bench organized. 
My friend BJ suggested I label everything and
that is how it got started.

 There is even space left on the bottom shelf!

So now maybe I can work in a neat area.
I have a lot to get done and it should help. 
To see how much better this is look at my last post. 
Whew big improvement!

Tomorrow is our quilt guild meeting
That is always fun. We're having covered dish
and a talk on how to prepare your digital files
to have fabric printed. Our president Stefanie 
has designed her own fabric for several of her quilts

1 comment:

B J Elder said...

Hey - it does look a lot better and look at all the workspace you cleared up by getting more up on those shelves!
Glad you have a few days off to relax, do some fun stuff around the house, and just "veg"