Monday, April 9

Sewing, Hammering and Just Having Fun

Well a few weeks ago I went back to the basics and took a quilting 101 class at the Quilting Squares. This Friday we will be taking the 2nd in the series and I'm learning a lot of good stuff. I am basically self taught and that's all good except sometimes you just need a little help from a pro. I have no fear of just charging off into free motion but often have issues with tension and wanted to learn about marking for quilting a more defined pattern. All of this was covered in our first lesson. It was a lot of fun and the time just flew by. We purchased this book which is excellent. 

The following two samples were done with two types of marking. 
The top one was a tracing done on special paper and pinned to the top 
of the "quilt" and then I just free motioned over the top of the paper. 
This worked very well but I'm not a huge fan of pulling off all the
paper afterwards. If the design is not too complex it's not too bad. 

This one was done with a stencil and a pounce pad. 
I had bought several stencils and a pounce but just couldn't get
it to work as well as I thought it should. Well I took the word 
pounce too literally. It seems you just rub it over the stencil
not tap it up and down. No cloud of powder this way.
Also you can only do small areas at a time cause the
fine dust will rub off as you are moving your quilt around. 

The most important thing I learned was to slow down and give
myself "resting points" in my free motion. This will be hard to
get into the habit of due to my pedal to the metal mentality of free motion. 
But having the needle in the down position and taking a deep breath
from time to time will make a difference and I just need to break
my old habit of 0-60 in 90 seconds. 

On the jewelry front I did a show on March 31st and it was my first show with bad weather. It started off as a beautiful day and then the sky got a bit gray. We then had some pretty nasty winds and during my last sale my wonderful assistant Chelsea and I were holding the tent down as the wind tried it's best to take it all away. So after checking the weather on Chel's phone we determined to pack up cause it was just looking pretty bad. Too much of those nasty yellow and red areas on the map. So I go get the truck and leave tiny Chelsea holding down the tent. 
As I am backing up and starting to load things the rain starts in ernest and is very soon followed by hail. I rushed back under the tent and we stood there wet to the bone. At least I made my booth fee back prior to the yucky weather. So my first show with bad weather...didn't make me loose my love of doing shows. I had to come home (it hadn't rained here at all) and reset up the tent so it could dry out. I hung the sides of the tent on the deck railing and it looked like wash day for sure. It was still a fun day even with all the rain. It's nice to sell a piece on line, but it's so much better to see your customer face to face and see that smile when they put on your jewelry. 


B J Elder said...

My goodness - sounds like quite the storm the came through during the sale. Glad you at least broke even before you had to "run for cover".

I wore my newest Royce Creation on Easter.... and I love it. Thank you for using your gift and sharing it with so many!

Cynthia Eloise said...

it's a new experience with each show. but it is fun.