Monday, April 23

Hello Old Friend

Saturday we had our meeting/workshop at the Music City Modern Quilter's Guild. We had a quick meeting, a wonderful lunch (covered dish) and then Stefanie our pres did a workshop on how to prepare your digital artwork created in Adobe Illustrator for print at spoonflower. She had samples of all the types of fabric that spoonflower prints on and after the class she gave them all away. The organic cotton was surprisingly soft. I had a picture in my mind that this fabric would be stiff, but it's just like what you would buy at a quilt shop and not much more expensive for what you are getting. Stefanie also had "coupons" for each member to get a free fat quarter printed. Not sure yet what I will have done but I'll show it off when I make up my mind and get it printed.
Leigh from Burgundy Buttons brought some fabric bundles for a block contest the guild is doing and also brought some new books for us to see/buy. I was just in love with these books. I hadn't seen either one of them and told my hubby that they seemed to have been written just for me. They embrace the free style I love so much. My favorite of the two is the Quilting Modern book. The piecing is beautiful and the quilting is to die for. So I thumbed threw the books Saturday night and couldn't wait to start planning or rather jumping right into the creation of a quilted project inspired from the book Quilting Modern.

This Sunday at 6:00 am we were moving furniture, running phone lines and getting my little bit of heaven on earth back to normal. This worked out so very well due to the fact that today is my birthday and what better present could a fiber artist have than to return to normalcy in her studio. It's been 4 months of clutter, not knowing where anything is and not having my Phaff at my finger tips. A long time for a quilter to go without. So now with my world right again I smile and find much joy once again in this room. It has sure been threw some changes. Now I can say everything is 100% perfect for me.
 Hello old friend - my Pfaff is back!
My computer, sewing cabinet and workbench. 
I guess I need to make a big pillow for the kids in here. 

The jewelry workbench also serves as a cutting surface
for small projects. My bigger cutting table is still
upstairs with the studio cutter and my stash. 
I'm so lucky to have a husband who understands
my need for a creative work space.
He's worked hard to get this all the way 
I wanted it and I'm so happy. 

Now my Pfaff calls

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B J Elder said...

Just as you are getting your space back together (and it looks wonderful, by the way) I'm starting to tear mine apart so we can paint it and get ready to move in the next few months.
Those quilt books do look great for you! And printing your own fabric... wonderful if yours will be with Zentangles? What fun.
Hope you are enjoying a WONDERFUL birthday.