Tuesday, March 6

The Last Min Details

Last Friday I needed a little break from work and getting jewelry ready for the next show so Stefanie and I had a little girls play day. We started off by meeting at her house and looking over all her quilts she is working on. She is really doing some wonderful quilts and I'm sorry I didn't take any photos - I'll do better next time. Then we had lunch at our favorite place and then when off to the quilt shop. 

I'd not been to The Quilting Squares since they moved
into their new shop and it was very nice. 

It has a very inviting exterior with rocking chairs
which I expect are for the men folks. 

I was drawn into this room at first cause it held the
civil war fabrics which I love but then soon found
myself just in a daze looking at all the penny rug supplies. 
The rich hand dyed wools and excellent wealth of threads. 
It came to me in that moment of joy that I need a penny 
rug for my dinning room table. I've been wanting a small
quilt for the table and just couldn't figure out what to do. 
The penny rug will be perfect with the other civil war
runners and small table toppers in the room. So I will 
be going back very soon to get supplies for this. 

I some how managed to leave the shop with only 2 pieces of 
fabric! No I wasn't sick, but I was being very firm with myself
and kept on target with my 30's quilt I'm planning and made
2 new selections for that project - nothing more. 

Well I'm still trying to get a few last pieces completed for the show along with packing up my display and other booth stuff. I got a new tool today in the mail - oh goodie. Tools just like in quilting are a jewelry designer's friend. You can never have enough. Like my new love of the creative grids quilting rulers my love of pliers, hammers and such grow each day. 
Was kidding with my husband this morning and said my sewing machine was going to send him threat mail to finish up the new work bench so I can open up the sewing cabinet again. My Phaff is crying in there I can hear it I'm sure. 

This big bib necklace looks heavy but it's made
of aluminum and is super light. It has matching 
earrings and a bracelet too. 

A good while back Paula gave me some old spoons
and I've been wanting to try them in some jewelry
but somehow lost them - well I found them again
so this is my first piece I made with one of them. 

Hubby made me a very cool new earring display unit that should
hold up to 100 pair of earrings and only takes up about 8 sq inches
of table top space - should have it assembled and ready to show
you by Friday. 

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Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Great pieces! Good luck with your show:)