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Where Have I been - well I'm not sure

Things seem to be speeding by me here lately. Seems like I rush threw the week and then the weekend is packed and then it's Monday again. I'm sure this is the same for most folks. I've been busy working on a few things lately and having a little fun too. 
Friday was a fun day I met up with Stefanie and we did some shopping at JoAnn's and then had a good lunch and saw Hunger Games. I'd read all 3 books and was so excited about the movie and it did not disappoint. Speaking of Hunger Games I was so inspired by the books I've made several pieces of jewelry using it as my inspiration. I was very pleased that these sold in a very short time. 

I've also been trying to step up my photography for my Etsy shop. It's hard to determine how to photograph jewelry. Do you just show the necklace, should it be on a person? So after mulling it over for a good while I picked out 2 types of backgrounds and took new photos of several items I already had posted and replaced th…

The Last Min Details

Last Friday I needed a little break from work and getting jewelry ready for the next show so Stefanie and I had a little girls play day. We started off by meeting at her house and looking over all her quilts she is working on. She is really doing some wonderful quilts and I'm sorry I didn't take any photos - I'll do better next time. Then we had lunch at our favorite place and then when off to the quilt shop. 

I'd not been to The Quilting Squares since they moved into their new shop and it was very nice. 
It has a very inviting exterior with rocking chairs which I expect are for the men folks. 
I was drawn into this room at first cause it held the civil war fabrics which I love but then soon found myself just in a daze looking at all the penny rug supplies.  The rich hand dyed wools and excellent wealth of threads.  It came to me in that moment of joy that I need a penny  rug for my dinning room table. I've been wanting a small quilt for the table and just couldn't figure…