Sunday, February 19

The Studio Update

Well I'd love to say all the construction is done and everything is back to normal but we're far from it. Hubby hasn't had as much time to work on this as I'd hoped, but it will get done eventually. Till then...

My new workbench isn't much of a bench yet. 

 My sewing cabinet is still closed and being used 
as a shelf for all my jewelry tools and supplies. 
This should make any quilter moan. 

My current work area for jewelry design is tiny but still usable.

So the creative life is a bit slow right now.
I sure miss sewing.

On the upside I had a good class Saturday teaching
the hammered metal cuff. There were some beautiful cuffs made. 

So hopefully soon the dust will settle cause I've lost things in all 
the shuffling around. I have 2 craft shows in March and I'm trying to 
get more jewelry made but it's a challenge in this tiny space. 
When I get to spread out on my new work bench it will be 
so wonderful - till then I'll just think of how nice it will be. 

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Cynthia Eloise said...

it's hard working in tight spaces, i can sympathize with you.