Tuesday, February 21

Sewing With drawal

Well I've determined I can hold off no longer to feel the yummy cotton beneath my fingers so I have plans to cut fabric (with the studio cutter) in the morning from my 30's stash. With P2 (Pfaff) not able to come out and play I'll go back to my good old P1 and go back to sewing on the dinning room table - ah the old days are back. I'm not sure which pattern I'll do but it will be something fun. I just can't hold out till the room is back to normal. The flat surfaces of the work bench are due in this week - hopefully. Till then the table will work fine since we eat on it so seldom any way. 

Went out shoe shopping today in search of my oh so special Merrell shoes which I love but couldn't find any in the dept. stores. I then found out there is an Merrell store on the other side of town = so a quick trip over there today and I've happy feet again. I don't really like to shop for shoes and clothes as much as I did when I was younger but I must say getting these shoes today made me so happy. Funny how your outlooks on such things change as you get older. Now I just want to shop for fabric and jewelry stuff. My idea of a snappy outfit now is a pair of jeans and a thermal shirt - I guess I'm more about comfort now than style. 


Gene Black said...

Ahh...those wonderful Merrell shoes..they make my feet happy. I had nearly worn thru the outer layer of the sole on the pair I was wearing. The only way I could find my size was to order online. I got the new ones Tuesday. I LOVE them.

B J Elder said...

I've had some Merrell's and they were pretty good until I discovered Keen's. For me they are my "ahhh" happy feet shoes now. And when our feet are happy, well, life is good. LOL
Glad you are getting some sewing in, despite the chaos in your studio.