Thursday, February 2

My Hat's Off to You

For those of you who work full time jobs, blog and continue to create my hat is off to you. With my new job at JoAnn and continuing to work at the other job I can't seem to find a spare moment for anything but racing by the store and getting dinner cooked. Oh for the sound of the sewing machine, the hammer of metal.  I know so many of my blogging friends pull down a full time job and still blog and get some quilting and other hobbies done. I'm sure as soon as my training is over and I fall into a regular routine things will settle into place, but for now I have that hamster in a wheel feeling. Today I only work a few hours and hopefully can get home and cut out some fabric for my next project. I also need to get my scrap booking stuff ready for the weekend crop which is coming up next week. Wow can't believe time is rushing so fast. It will be great to escape for a few days with no work, no cooking and no house cleaning, just fun and a time to be creative and see friends I've not seen in months.


Barb said...

You work at two hat is off to you!!

MissMary said...

Ah, you'll get the hang of it... feel the restoration in creating... and appreciate those moments sooo much more ;-)

Cynthia Eloise said...

i understand. it is so frustrating. i carry a journal with me to doodle in when i have some free moments. it keeps me sane on week days when i don't have time to get into my studio to create something larger and more involved. hang in there you'll get a routine.