Monday, February 13

Back From A Fun Weekend

Well the scrap booking weekend was a ton of fun. We got to the park on Thursday and enjoyed the 4 fun filled days. We were at Henry Horton State Park just about an hour out of town. We had a cute little cabin to stay in that if it had been warmer we could have walked to the lodge where all the scraping was going on. But it was way to cold for walking so we would walk swiftly to the car and drive the tiny bit over to the lodge. There was a nice fire there to warm up with. 

Our little cabin was straight out of the 50's with
knotty pine walls and a brick fireplace. 

Stefanie who puts the crop on each year had a super cute theme
this year "Keep Calm and Crop On". All her accessories
were pink. She silk screened bags and t-shirts for all the 
happy croppers. We all had a cute badge too with our
names on it for those of us who can't remember names. (like me)

I'm not sure how many ladies where there this year
but we had a full house. There was a super give-a-way with the
best door prizes to date. Ott lites and even the big new cricut. 
Stefanie really did a great job as always. It's a lot of work 
planning and creating all she does for this fun event. 

One night we played hookie from the crop and ordered pizza and
watched the movie The Help which was super good. 
Didn't get a lot of sleep and ate way too much while I was
gone but it was so much fun. So I'll get a little extra sleep now that
I'm home and stay away from fatty stuff for a while. 
It was a wonderful weekend. 
Thanks Stefanie

I came home to a surprise too - the new work bench has started
and now has legs and the horizontal supports. The top and bottom
shelf are in the near future - getting so exciting. I've picked out a
quilt pattern to make when I can get to my sewing machine again. 
Oh speaking of sewing machines Stefanie took her new Singer 160 to the 
crop so we could check her out. She is super sweet. It's the new
anniversary edition 

I need to get going and try to catch up on some blog reading and putting
away all my scrap booking stuff which is now sitting in the middle of the 
floor in my hobby room - as soon as I get it all put back to order I just
dump a new pile of stuff in the middle of the floor - oh well. 
I try to be neat.

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Cynthia Eloise said...

love those kind of getaways. kinda like a weekend sleepover when we were young.