Thursday, February 23

Aaaahhhhh back to my basics

First thing this morning the studio cutter was cranking out wonderful little bits for my project for today. Since I've not done any sewing in weeks - feels like months - I thought I'd go back to my beginnings of quilting and make an oriental wall hanging. I have a beautiful panel that Paula gave me for my birthday last year and thought - now is it's time to become more. 
Since the sewing machine is locked away in it's cabinet and no room to open it I've gone back in time and I'm sewing on the dinning room table. 

Fabric is cut and ready to start sewing. 

I did finish up a few necklaces I had on my work area
this morning before I let myself sew. 
The top one shows my love of amber and copper.
The second one my steam punk style
which includes hammered brass and
copper with my favorite watch parts. 

Now back to the sewing machine. 

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Barb said...

Love your necklaces!!