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The Countdown is On

Well I'm just about 12 days away from my next show. The excitement builds and the rushing around starts. This show is a one day show in Murfreesboro TN and should be an exciting day. This is a busy day for this rapidly growing town. The collage has it's big TSSAA. I'm no sports fan but it brings thousands of people into town and our advertising will be going wild to reach these people. The show is called The Sassy shopper

Saturday, March 10  10 am - 5 pm  Farmers Market Community Center  315 John R. Rice Blvd. - Murfreesboro 37129  $3 Admission (12 and under free)  Proceeds to benefit F.U.E.L.  Art, Games, Jewelry, Candles, Purses/Bags,  Hair Accessories, Makeup, Skin Care,  Cookbooks, Handmade  Dresses, Dolls, Kitchen Accessories,  And LOTS MORE! 
And if you are wondering what F.U.E.L. is  Portions of proceeds will go to benefit F.U.E.L. This is an AMAZING non-profit that was created to help feed the school children of Rutherford county who go without food from the time they leave s…

Aaaahhhhh back to my basics

First thing this morning the studio cutter was cranking out wonderful little bits for my project for today. Since I've not done any sewing in weeks - feels like months - I thought I'd go back to my beginnings of quilting and make an oriental wall hanging. I have a beautiful panel that Paula gave me for my birthday last year and thought - now is it's time to become more. 
Since the sewing machine is locked away in it's cabinet and no room to open it I've gone back in time and I'm sewing on the dinning room table. 

Fabric is cut and ready to start sewing. 

I did finish up a few necklaces I had on my work area this morning before I let myself sew.  The top one shows my love of amber and copper. The second one my steam punk style which includes hammered brass and copper with my favorite watch parts. 

Now back to the sewing machine.

Sewing With drawal

Well I've determined I can hold off no longer to feel the yummy cotton beneath my fingers so I have plans to cut fabric (with the studio cutter) in the morning from my 30's stash. With P2 (Pfaff) not able to come out and play I'll go back to my good old P1 and go back to sewing on the dinning room table - ah the old days are back. I'm not sure which pattern I'll do but it will be something fun. I just can't hold out till the room is back to normal. The flat surfaces of the work bench are due in this week - hopefully. Till then the table will work fine since we eat on it so seldom any way. 

Went out shoe shopping today in search of my oh so special Merrell shoes which I love but couldn't find any in the dept. stores. I then found out there is an Merrell store on the other side of town = so a quick trip over there today and I've happy feet again. I don't really like to shop for shoes and clothes as much as I did when I was younger but I must say gettin…

The Studio Update

Well I'd love to say all the construction is done and everything is back to normal but we're far from it. Hubby hasn't had as much time to work on this as I'd hoped, but it will get done eventually. Till then...

My new workbench isn't much of a bench yet. 
 My sewing cabinet is still closed and being used  as a shelf for all my jewelry tools and supplies.  This should make any quilter moan. 
My current work area for jewelry design is tiny but still usable.
So the creative life is a bit slow right now. I sure miss sewing.
On the upside I had a good class Saturday teaching the hammered metal cuff. There were some beautiful cuffs made. 
So hopefully soon the dust will settle cause I've lost things in all  the shuffling around. I have 2 craft shows in March and I'm trying to  get more jewelry made but it's a challenge in this tiny space.  When I get to spread out on my new work bench it will be  so wonderful - till then I'll just think of how nice it will be. 

Back From A Fun Weekend

Well the scrap booking weekend was a ton of fun. We got to the park on Thursday and enjoyed the 4 fun filled days. We were at Henry Horton State Park just about an hour out of town. We had a cute little cabin to stay in that if it had been warmer we could have walked to the lodge where all the scraping was going on. But it was way to cold for walking so we would walk swiftly to the car and drive the tiny bit over to the lodge. There was a nice fire there to warm up with. 

Our little cabin was straight out of the 50's with knotty pine walls and a brick fireplace. 
Stefanie who puts the crop on each year had a super cute theme this year "Keep Calm and Crop On". All her accessories were pink. She silk screened bags and t-shirts for all the  happy croppers. We all had a cute badge too with our names on it for those of us who can't remember names. (like me)
I'm not sure how many ladies where there this year but we had a full house. There was a super give-a-way with the best doo…

My Hat's Off to You

For those of you who work full time jobs, blog and continue to create my hat is off to you. With my new job at JoAnn and continuing to work at the other job I can't seem to find a spare moment for anything but racing by the store and getting dinner cooked. Oh for the sound of the sewing machine, the hammer of metal.  I know so many of my blogging friends pull down a full time job and still blog and get some quilting and other hobbies done. I'm sure as soon as my training is over and I fall into a regular routine things will settle into place, but for now I have that hamster in a wheel feeling. Today I only work a few hours and hopefully can get home and cut out some fabric for my next project. I also need to get my scrap booking stuff ready for the weekend crop which is coming up next week. Wow can't believe time is rushing so fast. It will be great to escape for a few days with no work, no cooking and no house cleaning, just fun and a time to be creative and see friends I…