Tuesday, January 10

Well on Sunday I finished the quilting on the Koi quilt and got the binding done. 
So today I'm ready to get that binding on the quilt. The binding will be all black
except for a short group of colors that were used in the focal areas of the quilt. 

A few days ago I got a Big Kick! Well what is that you ask?
Well if you are a scrap booker you know but for the rest of you
it's a cool machine that is used to emboss paper for scrap booking. 
Yes I am a scrap booker and have even more to build my albums
on now that Ian is part of our family. I wouldn't have bought the
Big Kick thou if I could only emboss paper - Vintaj a manufacturer 
of wonderful jewelry components has come up with a line of 
metal embossing folders that now emboss - yes metal. 

I stumbled across this on line one day and just had to have it. The Big Kick isn't a cheep toy thou, but after searching I found one on line for almost half what it normally goes for and yea - it is mine.
Then I found a set of the embossing folders by Vintaj for the sizzix (that is the company who makes the big kick. Yesterday I got the embossing folders and just couldn't wait to try them out. I put a 20 gauge disk I had cut out of copper in the folder and cranked it threw the press and WOW! Look at that impression. Now it can be colored, flamed or painted. There are a wealth of techniques to use with this and it can end up in my fiber art, scrap booking and of course jewelry. So I'm excited about this new toy.

Today I'm off to Quilter's Attic to pick up 2 patterns they have ordered for me. I wanted them for Christmas but they were out but the call came in and they are there now - yea! One for me and one for a friend. The one I got for me is foundation piecing and just my style and will become a new table runner for my coffee table and hopefully place mats too.

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