Thursday, January 26

A Soggy But Good Day

Well today I ran some errands and had lunch with 2 of my favorite people - my sister and Ian. I had one more errand to run after lunch but got side tracked and ended up at Hobby Lobby and saw this very cool shelf that ended up coming home with me. We are loosing a lot of storage with getting rid of the entertainment center turned book shelf and I just needed some of it back. I was originally looking for a tower book shelf due to the limited room in here but found this funky metal cabinet and just had to have it. 
All of hubby's books fit into with a little room to spare and the drawers on the left are only half full of stuff. The little box of drawers on top is for my jewelry stuff when my new bench is finished. I really like the industrial urban look and both of these really fit. 

This weekend I have class on Saturday but on Sunday I hope to start 
the removal of the entertainment center. It's huge and I'll be so very glad to see it go. 
Of course in it's place will soon be the work bench of my dreams. 
For now everything in here is a mess and I've moved a lot of stuff 
up to my fabric/hobby room upstairs so it too is a mess. If you have a 
small house you understand that when you move one piece of furniture it
can and often does effect half of your home. 

Now to squeeze in a little jewelry time before dinner. 

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