Sunday, January 8

It's About Time

Well with getting in a rush to complete my Christmas sewing I set aside a project I was working on. It was so close to being completed and I should have finished it...well it went into the UFO pile and cries to me every time I go in the sewing room. So today it came back to the machine and the quilting will be completed today and I'm also going to make my binding. There was so little quilting left to be done it's shameful I let it go this long - but today is the day. I'll put the binding on this Tuesday at JoAnns and be ready for the hand sewing part which I do at night while watching TV. So by Friday at the latest it will be completed. Yea!

I call this Grandmother's Koi Pond. My grandmother had a koi pond in her back yard when I was a kid and I really enjoyed watching the fish. It's a fond memory and this is my way of preserving it. 

After this is completed I'm going to shut the machine up for 4-6 weeks! Well what in the world would prompt that? I have a big project in the works for my sewing room! I'm very excited and will fill you in as progress is being made. It will give me more usable room for playing and storage.  So I'll only be sewing at my weekly JoAnn's social and after the fish quilt is completed I'm starting on the long awaited Civil War quilt for our bed. This will be my first full size quilt. A bit scary but I'm excited too.
I am also going to be starting a new hand sewing project a 30's fabric grand mother's flower garden. I've only made pillows so far from this design, but plan on this being at least a lap quilt. That's a lot of hand piecing but I'm up for it now. Having the die to cut out the fabric and freezer paper is a big help. Love my studio cutter!

Last week on my sewing day at JoAnn's I made some new displays for my earrings. I wanted something that looked better than the little black plastic cards I'd been hanging them on. Those looked a bit cheep to me and well just weren't me anyway. So I made about 25 of these. They will go well with some other items I'm making with this same distressed muslin.

Well I'd better get to quilting. 


Barb said...

Your quilt is looking awesome!

Gene Black said...

I agree with Barb, that quilt is looking good! I can't wait to see your finish.

stefanie said...

somehow i missed the part that you weren't going to be sewing for 4-6 WEEKS! you are a stronger woman than i, that's for sure!