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A Soggy But Good Day

Well today I ran some errands and had lunch with 2 of my favorite people - my sister and Ian. I had one more errand to run after lunch but got side tracked and ended up at Hobby Lobby and saw this very cool shelf that ended up coming home with me. We are loosing a lot of storage with getting rid of the entertainment center turned book shelf and I just needed some of it back. I was originally looking for a tower book shelf due to the limited room in here but found this funky metal cabinet and just had to have it. 
All of hubby's books fit into with a little room to spare and the drawers on the left are only half full of stuff. The little box of drawers on top is for my jewelry stuff when my new bench is finished. I really like the industrial urban look and both of these really fit. 

This weekend I have class on Saturday but on Sunday I hope to start  the removal of the entertainment center. It's huge and I'll be so very glad to see it go.  Of course in it's place will soon …

Whew finally

Well I'm finally gotten over the worse part of that nasty bug I had and I'm pretty much back to normal. So glad cause I just didn't have any energy to do my fun stuff at all. I did manage to get a little hand sewing done and did get the binding on my Koi quilt finally. As I might have mentioned this quilt was in memory of my grandmother's koi pond where I spend many a peaceful hour sitting on the edge watching the fish. I was thankful for my Ott light with the black front/binding/thread. That could have been a real eye squinter. 

Front detail
Yesterday I taught a jewelry class at JoAnn's and after class Becky and Edna and I went out to lunch then Edna and I  headed off to the bead show. I'd promised my self I'd not spend much money - well I disappointed myself once again,  but hey look at these beauties. 

A little news too, is that starting tomorrow I will be starting as the Education Coordinator for the Rivergate JoAnn's. I applied for this positio…

hack sniff whine

Well I've been sick for several days and have gotten not a thing done, but thought I would show you a few photos of some of the things I made for Christmas presents. 

 A pillow and mug rug
 a little knitted scarf
my first GFG that was hand pieced
little pillow for a dorm room
Hopefully today I will be able to get a little more done and finished the last side of binding on the koi quilt - and maybe even get that civil war quilt out and look over what I have done so far and get it back on track. I remember I used to always finish things and didn't have a single UFO - oh well now I have 2 that I can remember. Not to mention that pile of Grand Mother's Flower Garden blocks I got at the estate sale that need something done with them. I might have gotten an idea on pintrest thou for that.
Well on Sunday I finished the quilting on the Koi quilt and got the binding done.  So today I'm ready to get that binding on the quilt. The binding will be all black except for a short group of colors that were used in the focal areas of the quilt. 

A few days ago I got a Big Kick! Well what is that you ask? Well if you are a scrap booker you know but for the rest of you it's a cool machine that is used to emboss paper for scrap booking.  Yes I am a scrap booker and have even more to build my albums on now that Ian is part of our family. I wouldn't have bought the Big Kick thou if I could only emboss paper - Vintaj a manufacturer  of wonderful jewelry components has come up with a line of  metal embossing folders that now emboss - yes metal. 
I stumbled across this on line one day and just had to have it. The Big Kick isn't a cheep toy thou, but after searching I found one on line for almost half what it normally goes for and yea - it is mine.
Then I found a set of the embossing …

It's About Time

Well with getting in a rush to complete my Christmas sewing I set aside a project I was working on. It was so close to being completed and I should have finished it...well it went into the UFO pile and cries to me every time I go in the sewing room. So today it came back to the machine and the quilting will be completed today and I'm also going to make my binding. There was so little quilting left to be done it's shameful I let it go this long - but today is the day. I'll put the binding on this Tuesday at JoAnns and be ready for the hand sewing part which I do at night while watching TV. So by Friday at the latest it will be completed. Yea!

I call this Grandmother's Koi Pond. My grandmother had a koi pond in her back yard when I was a kid and I really enjoyed watching the fish. It's a fond memory and this is my way of preserving it. 
After this is completed I'm going to shut the machine up for 4-6 weeks! Well what in the world would prompt that? I have a big pr…