Saturday, December 17

Last Minute Gifts

Yesterday I had a visit from Angel and Ian and we looked at all my
trees and just had a good time. I had started making soap that morning
and finished up after they left. So I got a good amount made. 
I got started making soap for my hubby and he now 
has become hooked on the home made soap and isn't too fond
of "store soap". So every few months I get out the few supplies 
it takes a whip up a batch. This time I made extras for a few gifts. 

 Some cling wrap and a little paper and
some of my scrap booking supplies.

 Simple little packaging.

This is a small quilt (32" square) for a sweet little girl
who just loves Olivia the pig. 
This is a drag around quilt for a 18 month old. 
It was a 5 min job on the cutting and layout 
thanks to my Accuquilt. I used the 12" block set. 
Sewing it together was a snap too. 

Well today I'm doing some experimenting with a new technique for
adding color to metal. I'm excited about this and will show you
the results tomorrow. It has tons of possibilities. 


Gene Black said...

I am not fond of store soap either, I have been making my own for several years. However, I have found some in some of the Mexican grocery stores that is nice to my skin, so sometimes I use that.

Cornwoman said...

Wow! I didn't know that soap was easy to make at home. The packaging looks phenomenal! I love it!

That's a really cute quilt, too. It sounds like you like your accu-cut machine. I'm going to have to look at some dies for my Vagabond soon. Right now I mainly use it to cut binding strips.

Cynthia Eloise said...

cute quilt. i like your simple packaging on the soap.