Friday, December 2

A Day out of Shopping & Fun

Yesterday was a fun day. I went over to my friend Stefanie's house and we went to the quilt shop where she was picking up several custom order quilts from her quilter. I of course had to do some shopping while I was there. 

 I just love this fabric. There are about 10 designs
in the collection and it was very 
hard to pick just two. I just may have to go back. 

I'm trying to get a stash of 30's fabrics collected and
picked out a pretty blue and aqua set yesterday. 

We also dropped by JoAnn's and since the jewelry
stuff was on sale for 40% off...well you know what happened. 

This is my project for this morning. I'm making a 
pillow that was inspired from the book below. 

Also have to get ready for class tomorrow
and open house at JoAnn's. 

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Cynthia Eloise said...

more stuff, it's really hard to walk thru the fabric or craft stores without finding some treasures you just have to have. looks like some more projects to come. enjoy.