Tuesday, November 1

Working In Small Spaces

Living in an old 1930 home, space is limited and I often use one area for several different uses. My dinning room table often becomes my drawing table and my cutting table stands in for painting and mixed media. You all know how it is I'm sure. If only I had a big 40 x 40 foot room just for my creative projects - but alas that is not to be. So I have the ever changing work spaces.

 sewing on a small wall hanging

working on some jewelry

It takes about 5 min to swap from one joy to another. 
This little side table also is the resting spot for my babylock. 
With a tv on top of the cabinet on the left and my mac to play 
me my favorite tunes I have all I need in this room. 
We call it the play room. Hubby's workbench is here too
and we spend many hours in here working on our little projects. 
He's often sneaking into my jewelry tool box and I'm using his
work bench when he wanders away for a few min. 
It's a fun room and we enjoy it here working together in our
two different little worlds. 

He's also handy when I have metal questions or need help with solder. 
It's our happy place.  

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