Wednesday, November 16

A Wonderful Weekend

The show on Saturday went very well. My sweet niece came and helped me in my booth. She was a great help. This photo was on Hob Nob, a site for social happenings in Murfreesboro TN. 

This was just my second show so
I've not really gotten my booth the way I want it yet. 
I did get to use my Square this weekend. If you have not
seen one of these yet it's a tiny 1" square credit card
reader you just plug into your phone. The sales I made are
already in my bank account and there is no charge for the
reader or shipping, just when you swipe you pay a small percentage. 
If you do shows or any sales this might be worth looking into. 
I have seen it in several small brick and mortar shops now too. 

My sister's booth at the show.
She is a great photographer and
you can see her work on her site


BJ said...

Love your display - those 'holders' show off your pieces wonderfully! Now you need to get Angel to take some pictures of you, your niece, others in some of them for your background. Wouldn't that look lovely? Great advertising for both of you!

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

My daughter and I were there and saw your sister's booth (awesome!) but not yours! It looks like we missed out on some great things. Maybe next time:)

Cynthia Eloise said...

i've seen the ads for the little square. looks like it would be great. i haven't ventured in to credit cards yet.