Sunday, November 6

Making Up For Lost Time

Well I got really behind on my quilting while building my jewelry inventory for an upcoming show. And now I just must get back on it. Christmas is rushing towards us faster than I can sew. This morning I finished up a little fun piece. I'd not made one of these silly monsters before and it was fun. I really want to make another one. The next one will have a zipper mouth I think and I'll work some buttons into it too. 

I had planned on making the back of the turtle and monkey quilt I showed you yesterday, but just wasn't in the mood for making the back and pinning. So I started quilting on this cute doggie quilt. I'm really in a cute mode these days. I think this balances the hard edge steam punk jewelry I've been making lately. Well the quilting is almost done now and hopefully I'll get back on the other quilt real soon. That shower will be here and I'll be up putting on the binding all night.
Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. I have one of my critical items - Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin Cheesecake - It calls to me from the freezer - eat me now. I'm so week.
Well back to quilting the doggie quilt I'm so close to being done.

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