Monday, November 28

AH The Holidays - What Joy

This might just be the best Christmas I've had in many years. Why?
Because of this sweet boy. 
Remember a few posts back I showed you this yellow
monster stuffed toy I made - well he sleeps with a 
sweetie every night now. My sister even found a
little book about a monster going to bed at night. 

 He's a big help around the house too. 

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I took the day to sew. With having dinner at my lovely sister in laws house I had no cooking to do and didn't have to clean the house to hospital clean. Whew. I got a few Christmas presents done - the binding on a lap quilt, my secret santa for the quilt guild, a pillow for a friend and even managed to clean and organize my sewing area. 

I'd had this idea for a bracelet running around in my head screaming to get out and I knew I had to at least get caught up on my sewing before I let the idea free. 

I used a new technique to achieve the color/texture on the metal. This sits on your wrist very comfy and I  just love the many textures and elements. 
Saturday I got the house all decorated for Christmas and it really makes me happy to see all the little trees and my decorations I've had for so many years. I remember as I open each box where they came from and each brings a memory all it's own. 
Then yesterday I got my sample done for the next Social Artwork class and also have the next wire workshop project half done. Seems there is just not enough time in each day. But I am thankful for all the things I do and enjoy so much. 

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Barb said...

I am so jealous....what a fun one to have around!!