Thursday, October 6

Split Personality

This week I spent my days sewing, hammering and tossed in a little computer work. A pretty typical week for me. Last week I did the center of a lap quilt with the D9P pattern and this week I found the perfect border fabric. I'll also be using this for the backing. I was looking for a paw print fabric but it was the hearts that caught my eye.

Speaking of quilting I wanted to share a post from The Quilt Rat blog regarding an erasable marking pen called FriXion. I found this very interesting. If you have one of these or had planned on getting one this is a must read.

 On my last post I showed you my bench pin that hubby made me and there was a little section of copper on it that I'd sawed. Here is that piece completed. It's a pin and has copper/brass/nickel and steel. I really enjoy mixing the metals.

I wanted to get a quick brochure done to hand out at shows for any retail folks that might be interested in my jewelry. I don't do writing thou and had to ask for help with that. I got it from Gene. He jumped right in and wrote some really nice copy for my brochure from the sketchy list of words I'd sent him. After I had all the photos in place and the copy dropped in I struggled for a name for my jewelry. I ask for advice, I thought and thought. Then it hit me - why am I going around the world when I just need to put my name on it and call it a day - so a new logo was born and the brochure was completed. My friend Edna who was a teacher did a little grammar editing and now I'm ready to print.

I have never been a techie person - I've always had an old or hand me down phone - but this week I jumped into the modern age and got an iPhone. My main reason is to use the Square to take credit cards at craft shows. (Square will work on most smart phones) I have one show this month and one in November. I'm hopeful accepting plastic will increase sales - keep your fingers crossed. By the way I LOVE the iPhone. It was the easiest phone to learn I've ever had. I was changing the settings as I walked thew the store right after I got it - joy!


BJ said...

Your brochure is fabulous. Very pleasing to the eye and eye catching. Gene did a fabulous job with the "wordage". Very professional, very wonderful!

Gene Black said...

It looks great!