Wednesday, October 12

It's Been A Long Time

Since I've been in a craft show that is. Well years ago I did the big show in our area in Centennial Park. I drove up from Florida to do this show (several times). I remember one year I drove up in a small car with my display strapped on the top of the car...Oh I'd never do that now. I was either brave or just plain silly - maybe both.
Now 20+ years later I'm getting ready for another show. The Jessie James Festival, is only 30 min from my house and just a one day show - great for getting my feet wet. Lots of things have changed since those early shows. Seems like the tent and display stuff has gotten a little heaver - oh that might be me thou.
I will also be trying out my new Square this weekend. I've never been able to accept plastic before. People just don't carry around cash anymore so hopefully this will help sales - keep your fingers crossed. I just need to do a few more things and I'll be ready for the show. I have a booth buddy to help out - THANKS Becky - your a life saver. I think I've remembered everything - but you know that nagging fealing of thinking you have forgotten something important.

For those of you who Etsy they announced a GREAT new change that will be available soon - I'm thrilled about this - you can now change your shop name. That will go into effect the 18th of this month. So my shop will be called roycecreative soon and no longer graphicthreads. I have a new header all ready to pop in there on the 18th!


BJ said...

I KNOW you will do great at the show. Being able to take "plastic" should be a real plus too. Did you pack your chocolate supply? Comfy shoes? Kleenex? Chocolate? Comfy chair (not that you'll have a chance to use it with all the business you'll be doing? Bags to put items in? chocolate?

Have fun my friend. Can't wait to hear how great it went for you.

Cynthia Eloise said...

good luck with the show. i'm doing one next month. did one art & wine fair this summer so feeling a little braver now. this time of year should be good. will be waiting to hear how your's goes.