Sunday, October 2

Bang Bang - Saw

Well I'm back to jewelry today and getting ready for 2 shows I have scheduled for Oct/Nov. I'm excited about my first show with my jewelry. I've been working with flat metals for a good while but have only recently started sawing my metal with a jeweler's saw. It sure takes some getting used to, but it's much better than trying to cut the sheet metal with nippers. One thing I was needing to help with this was a bench pin and like most good tools they put a dent in your wallet. Being basically cheep I wanted to try making one and hubby came to the rescue and made one for me. These normally mount onto your work bench but I needed something a little more mobile. So I thought if I just had the section of wood I'd clamp it to my little table - well it worked out just great.

 Brass & Blue - metal and chain 

Steam Punk Bib Necklace

Well back to the sawing and hammering. 

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BJ said...

I know you are going to sell a LOT of jewelry. Your pieces are all such fun and so unique. Love your inventiveness with the needed tools too. I can see you doing some zentangle patterns on that wood. :D