Friday, September 30

What I've Been Up To

Well I've been kind of MIA lately. I was wrapped up in a tight deadline for a book I've been working on and now that it's gone to press I - should have more free time for creating. I hope so anyway. I did squeeze in a little sewing/jewelry time last week thou. As I mentioned I am trying to get some Christmas presents done and got one finished and a good start on another one this Tuesday.
 I'll have to admit these pillow cases made me a little dizzy while cutting. 
Black/white/hot pink...not my kind of colors but were
suggested for the young lady these are for. 
I kind of like the black and white fabric thou. 

 I got 2 very cute charm packs with this puppy/cat fabric.
So I defaulted to a D9P for the quilt top. 
Just need to find a good fabric for the border/binding and back now?
Thinking I'll use a dog bone shape for the quilting. 

 At the last bead show I went to I splurged and got some amber.
I just fell in love with them but have been hesitant to use them.  I finally broke down and made a necklace. It also has some beautiful jasper, and of course my favorite copper. 

 These huge nuts from Brazil have showed up in some other designs.
I love the colors and designs. 
They are surprising light weight. 

Yesterday I got these great copper textured sheets from a new source I found here in TN.  Can't wait to flame these and whip out the saw. I have too many designs floating around in my mind for these sheets. Just love them. With silver continuing to go up in price copper is becoming even more beautiful to me.

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BJ said...

Where do I start, Royce? A book? How exciting? Any hints?
The jewelry is exquisite! We love the same autumn colors and your designs are fabulous.
Then that copper.... WOW! What fun that will be to use.
Miss hearing from you more, but I know you are doing great stuff.