Monday, September 19

Oh Joy!

Last weekend on our way back from the Music City Quilters Guild meeting Paula asked me if I was interested in either selling or swapping my dress mannequin. I said yes since I'd not used it as I'd planned. Then she asked would you like to swap it for one of my Featherweights? Well I near drove off the interstate in my excitement. So we planned on the swap being this weekend and Sunday I brought my new friend home. Let me introduce you to "Little Paula". Isn't she sweet. I've wanted a Featherweight for years and this has made me so very happy. Her case is in perfect condition too.

Little Paula is a 1950's machine and she is the Anniversary edition. 

This is a good site to read up on Featherweights
if you don't know about them and are interested. 

Tomorrow Little Paula is going to visit Edna - she is a Featherweight expert. She will get the once over and I'll start learning what is what about her. Can't wait!

For those who have been asking about Ginger she is doing great! She is taking long walks in the yard and today went down the front 2 steps without being carried. Thank God for his watchful hand on her and her wonderful recovery.


BJ said...

Little Paula is gorgeous and I'm sure she will bring you much happiness! How fun.
I'm go glad Ginger is improving and healing so nicely. That is a great blessing.
I'm glad you are busy working with all your jewelry, but will be really happy to have you getting time to do more of the fiber art too. I miss you!

Barb said...

I beleive there would have been a major accident right there, either on the free way or well...we won't go there. It is a beauty!!!